Austin American Technology (AAT) manufactures and builds industrial grade cleaners for the electronics assembly industry. Using modern technology, AAT is the industry’s premier leader as a specialized manufacturer of Batch Cleaners, In-Line Cleaners, Solvent Cleaners, Stencil Cleaners, and many more. AAT cleaners are used for the following applications: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Cleaning, Surface-Mount Technology (SMT), Stencil & Misprint, Flip Chip, and BGA, in several industries including: automotive, medical, military, and aerospace.


Jet Inline Cleaner

  • Highest Through-put In The Industry
  • Class-leading Performance In A Compact Footprint
  • Allows Separate Chemistry And Temperature Utilization
  • Easy To Close Loop
  • Easy And Flexible System Operation
  • Flexibility To Run Water Or Semi-aqueous Chemistry
  • Facilitates Quick And Easy Maintenance
  • Upgradable In The Field
  • Lowest Cost Of Ownership
  • Exclusive Aat Progressive Energy Wash Technology

Batch Cleaner

  • Aquaflex Cleaning Control
  • On-board Steam Generation
  • Top, Middle, And Bottom Coherent Jet Nozzles
  • Forced Air, Hepa Drying System
  • Mirror-bright Type 304 Stainless Steel Interior
  • Easily Configured Top And Bottom Racks
  • Electronic Controls With User-friendly Interface
  • Quiet Operation
  • Process Viewing Window
  • Internal Lighting

Stencil Cleaner

  • Heated Chemistry Wash
  • Water Rinse / Di Final Rinse
  • Spray-in-air Delivery
  • Multi Recipe Capability
  • Optional Pcb Board Holder
  • Unheated Solvent Wash
  • Solvent Rinse
  • Spray-in-air Delivery
  • Multi Recipe Capability
  • Open/closed Loop Wash/rinse
  • Nitrogen Purge System
  • Fire Suppression System
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