Anda integrates R&D, production, sales and service as a leader in automation equipment manufacturing for the electronics industry, specializing in the production of precision dispensing machines, conformal coating systems, plasma treatment equipment, curing systems, multi-functional assembly systems, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical electronic dispensing and assembly machines, and smart manufacturing system solutions.

Conformal Coating Machine

  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection system
  • Safety door lock system
  • LED UV lamps for inspection
  • CCD vision camera
  • PCB clamping system
  • Material level detection, heating and filtration circulation system
  • Low pressure fluid automatic adjustment system
  • Film width laser checking system
  • Diaphragm pump feeding system
  • Barcode or 2D code scanning system
  • Pallet return conveyor
  • Programmable valve cleaner

Offline/Inline Dispensing Systems

TSV 400 and iJET 7
  • High accuracy for X-Y-Z axis
  • Closed loop technical control to ensure dispensing volume consistency
  • Built-in CCD vision system
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning
  • Flexible design, easy to upgrade
  • Large work area available
  • Computer control with Windows OS
  • CCD visual positioning system helps in programming also.
  • Servo motor with ball screw
  • Heated valves for viscosity control
  • 35 degree tilt and 360 degree rotation
  • PCB heater enhances material flow for underfill applications
  • Precision weight measurement ensures accurate volumetric dispensing
  • Multiple valves available: Pneumatic jet valve, Slide valve and Screw valve
  • Laser height detection to calibrate Z axis automatically for component deformation

UV and Infrared Curing Ovens

UV2 and I Cure
  • Dual UV lamp for UV curing
  • Top and bottom side simultaneous curing
  • PLC and touch screen control
  • Edge carrying, variable speed pin chain conveyor
  • Multiple, indenpendently controlled infrared (IR) heat zones operation
  • Rail expansion compensation
  • SMEMA communication protocol
  • 100 mm top and bottom side component clearances
  • Thermal couple process control
  • Independent heating zones
  • Return conveyor with heating and Under conveyor heating

Plasma Treatment Systems

AP3P series
  • IPC computer control, fault and light alarm and menu display
  • Online rail transport system which can be connected with the front and rear equipment
  • Rotation or jet nozzle
  • Online programming
  • Heavy duty conveyor
  • Dual lane conveyor system with Dual plasma heads
  • 2 stage conveyor
  • CCD vision camera
  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)
  • Barcode or 2D code scanning system
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