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Dynalab Test Systems is one of the best regarded brands of wire harness testers globally. Most of the world’s largest wire harness manufacturers use NX Testers in their operations. With over 30 years of experience, Dynalab offers products that reflect a level of industry knowledge and experience unmatched by any competitor. Our systems, software, and services are designed to help you develop solutions for your testing needs quickly, reliably, and economically.
The powerful NX Editor software application is used to create unique program files to successfully validate all electrical and electro-mechanical wire harness parameters. The testers are compatible with all Dynalab NX accessories such as printers, scanners, control ports, and much more. The Testers also supports network communications with the NX Server for efficient file transfers and advanced data collection.
For test applications that span the range from simple to complex, Dynalab’s Testers offer more features than the competition at a lower price!

NX Testers

Dynalab NX Testers offer state of the art wire harness testing. NX Testers are fast, accurate and easy to use. Dynalab designed NX Testers with flexibility and adaptability in mind to meet a wide range of wire harness testing needs..

NX Hipot Testers

NX Hipot Testers provide all the features of the NX Testers, plus the additional capability of high voltage testing for insulation resistance and dielectric withstand.



Dynalab NX Testers offer a wide array of solutions for the wire harness industry. A few of these solutions and their associated benefits are described below.

Label Printing

NX Testers can be programmed to print a label every time a wire harness passes all tests.This provides Read More

Barcode Scanning

NX Testers can accept input from a barcode scanner and automatically launch the desired test program either Read More


Every NX Tester is equipped with a port, accessible on the front panel. This port accepts a Supervisor Key which unlocksRead More

Controlling External Devices

NX Testers are capable of interfacing to external devices by activating control output contacts. Additionally, Read More

Data Reporting

NX Testers can report data for each wire harness. Data can include serial number, part number, operator ID,Read More

Component Testing

NX Testers can be programmed to test resistors, capacitors, diodes, and thermistors. A generic componentRead More

Active Relay Testing

Many automotive wire harnesses contain relays. NX Testers support active relay testing where each relay is Read More

Hipot Testing

NX Hipot Testers are available in DC-only or AC/DC for testing dielectric withstand and insulationRead More

Detecting Intermittent Connections

NX Testers can continuously test for intermittent opens and shorts while the operator flexes the wire harness.Read More

VIN-specific test program creation

VIN-specific wire harness manufacturing environments require a unique test program to be generated Read More

Centralized Control and Reporting

Dynalab’s NX Server allows you to control and monitor NX Testers and view report data from all Read More

Guided Connector Pinning

Dynalab has a solution for assembling wires into connectors that use a push-click-pull wire insertion method.Read More

Computer-Tester Integration

NX View software resides on a PC and seamlessly integrates with an NX Tester to provide a powerful graphical Read More

Alarm Mode

The NX Tester can be programmed to enter an Alarm Mode whenever a wire harnessRead More

Illuminating Fixture LEDs

NX Testers are capable of illuminating fixture-mounted LEDs. Two modes are available: illuminate Read More

Data Importation

The NX Editor is capable of importing relevant wire harness design information from a variety Read More
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