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Caltex Scientific (Caltex Systems) is into the designing, integration, and distribution of stereo microscopes, Auto Focus HD microscopes, digital USB microscopes and 3D rotational microscope systems. Our systems are widely used in medical device, PCB electronic, semiconductor, and research industries. Few of the Global Customers are : Flextronics, Qualcomm, Intel, Boeing, Sony, TTM Technologies, Boston Scientific, Apple, Rockwell Automation etc.

Auto-Focus HD Microscope with Measurement System

  • 1080p Full HD 60 frames per second Real-Time, no ghost image, no lagging
  • 15x – 100x Zoom Standard
  • Expandable to 1x – 2,000x with optional lenses
  • Straight view, 3D Oblique Angle view, 90° Side view (BGA)
  • Capture Images & Record Video to SD card without a computer
  • Dimensional Measurements with mouse directly on LCD without connecting to computer
  • Measurement Software for computer USB2.0 mode (included)
  • LED ring light for normal inspection
  • UV ring light (black light) for conformal coating inspection (optional)
  • Coaxial light (bright filed imaging) for IC wafer and metallurgical viewing
  • Boom Stand for large PCB up to 48″, Track Stand with LED Back Light for small parts up to 10″, Compact & Light Weight Post Stand can be configured with LX-100
  • Low Cost and High Definition Digital Microscope System

3D Stereoscopic Trinocular Microscope

  • TRUE trinocular stereo zoom microscope system, view on eye pieces and HD camera at the same time
  • 1080p HD camera real time viewing on LCD
  • Capture image to micro SD without a computer
  • Measurement software included for PC when connected with USB
  • Microscopes zoom expandable 2x to 270x with eye pieces and objective lenses
    45º angle eye piece and 360º rotation on microscope body for ergonomic inspection
  • Parfocal zoom for easy operation and focusing
  • Vivid, detailed, high resolution image quality
  • Great depth of field, wide visual field, and stereoscopic view for easy inspection and less eye fatigues
  • LED ring light with intensity control standard
  • Fiber optic lighting, back lighting, and dual goose neck LED spot lights available
  • Mount on post stand, track stand, boom stand and articulating arm stand

Handheld Digital Microscope

  • Built in 4.3″ high contrast display, 30 frames per second real-time display
  • 4x-14x magnification
  • Auto Focus with liquid lens technology
  • XY Measurement Grids for dimension gauging, accurate to 0.1mm
  • Image Capture directly to unit without a computer
  • Run on battery 5 hours

3D Solder Paste Inspection Measurement System

  • real time 3D solder paste inspection view
  • zoom 50x-300x for inspection of solder paste, solder joint, stencil, and components
  • high resolution megapixel USB camera
  • laser light for triangulation method for paste height measurement
  • includes measurement functions of XY distance, radius, diameter, area, angle
  • high accuracy measurement with 2 micron accuracy
  • low cost, easy to use, no programming requiredHandheld Portable with 4.3″ Display
  • X-Y Measurement Grids
  • Image Capture
  • 5 Hours Battery

Vision Measuring System with Auto Focus Z height measurement

  • 1.4 Mega Pixel (1360×1024) Color digital camera
  • 8 x 4 x 5 inch XYZ travel
  • 1 um encoder on XY and 0.2 um encoder on Z
  • Auto Focus on Z axis
  • Navitar 6.5X detent zoom 0.75x-4.5x, magnification 30x-200x, 90mm WD
  • High Power 10x Infinity Objective Lens included for high magnification 300x-2,000x, 15mm WD
  • Manual LED ring, Coaxial light and back light
  • Software Measurement with DRO
  • Dell or HP computer with 22 inch LCD & Windows 7 OS
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