CTK corporation - japan

CTK Corporation is a manufacturer of marking equipment.With sufficient experience and technology, we have been providing identification solutions for many manufacturing industries worldwide, including control panel/switchgear, wire harnesses, industrial installations, heavy electrical machinery, aircraft, shipbuilding, railway vehicle, automobile, etc. From our product line of “HOTMARKER” brand marking machine, you will find a best suitable one to meet your marking requirement.

semi automatic marking machine

  • Possible to feed tubes of OD 3-7mm & Marker Labels (long type) and automatically cut into pieces, either partially or completely. Detachable material feeding & cutting units enable easier marking on large diameter tubes (Max. 35mm OD), Marker Labels & Marker Plates (MP-95-25 only).

automatic marking machine

  • SP8600 can automatically mark and cut various types of tubes and produce different kinds of cable markers effectively, as you need.
  • Marking speed is increased by about 10 percent from the previous model.

manual marking machine

  • It can be carried with you anywhere, and is suitable for marking work on facilities maintenance, or installation of switchboards etc at the jobsite.
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