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Gen3 from UK is World’s number 1 manufacturer of Process based equipment. They design, engineer, manufacture and distribute the test and measurement equipment for electronics industry which are used to prevent PCB from failure in the field.
They have a team of industry leading experts who set the standards around the circuit testing, measurement and compliance. By using the knowledge of the decades they develop equipment which are industry’s best to achieve the best quality in circuits boards.

Solderability Tester – MUST3

  • Automatic component alignment and testing
  • Immediate pass/fail information on completion of each test
  • Step and repeat function for multi-leaded devices
  • 4 Individual globule blocks for wetting balance testing
  • Testing ability down to 0201 devices
  • Greater accuracy  using a sampling rate measuring to levels better than 0.1mN/BIT
  • Force Resolution 0.001mN
  • Immersion depth 0-30mm at a resolution of 0.01mm
  • Immersion speed 0-30mm/s (resolution 0.05mm/s)

Contamination Tester – CM

  • Bare Board and Assembled Board Testing Capabilities
  • Six-Sigma (6σ) verified as a process control tool
  • Complete testing cycle within only 3 minutes
  • Unique CURVE-FITTING Analysis algorithm (Merit of Fit) to predict results of longer tests
  • Unique solid gold measuring cell, ballistic amplifier providing a test accuracy of <0.005mS/cm
  • CO2 compensation function, to remove any effects of atmospheric pollutions from contamination results 
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Full regeneration in typically < 6 minutes
  • Measures in accordance with all international and MIL specifications old and new
  • All CM+ systems have proven Gauge R&R (Repeatability and Reliability) of ~2%

Surface Insulation Resistance Tester – AutoSIR2+

  • Measurements from all 256 Channels can be taken in <30 seconds
  • Applied Voltage: +1V to 100V
  • Measurement Range: 106 Ω to 1014 Ω
  • Measurement Method: Continuous on all selected channels
  • Measurement Test Intervals: Fully selectable from minimum of 1 minute
  • Capable of testing to all existing test specifications – IPC – IEC – JNC and other user specifications
  • AutoSIR2+ is available with 64, 128 or 256 channel configurations

Stencil Cleaning Machine – Gensonic

  • Safe & Simple to use
  • No risk of stencil damage
  • Typical 3 minute
  • cleaning cycle
  • Suitable for both stainless: steel & plastic stencils
  • Cleans Solder paste or SMD Adhesives
  • Accepts both foils or framed stencils
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