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Wirmec Srl is pioneer company in the field of Bench top crimping pres.
Following is their product range for Benchtop crimping pres
– W15 Bench top crimping press [20kN]
– W 2000 Bench top crimping press [25kN]
– WSC 15 Electro Pneumatic Stripper Crimper [20kN]
– WSC 20 Electronic stripper crimper [20kN]
– W15 SC Split cycle bench top press [20kN]
– W 3000 Bench top crimping press [30kN]
– WSC 25 Electronic stripper crimper for close terminal [20kN]
– WSC 30 Electronic stripper crimper with seal insertion unit [20kN]

W15 Bench top Press 20KN straight version


WIRMEC srl bench press W15 is a crimping unit suitable for many brands of applicators.

Technical features:
  • Possibility of mounting large applicators;
  • Inverter control;
  • Jog function for crimping adjustments and controls;
  • Resettable electronic stroke counter;
  • Scrap collection box;
  • Revolving reel holder arm for front and side terminal reels;
  • Crimping check with calibration certificate;
  • Quick coupling applicator;
  • Double coil arm for front and side terminals;
  • LED lighting;
  • Wrap paper;
  • Programmable air cycle kit for pneumatic applicator.

WSC 15 Electro-pneumatic Sripper Crimper


The new WSC 15 is proposed as an electro-pneumatic crimping stripper to satisfy the customer segment that does not require continuous processing changes. Developed on the platform of the WSC 20, it shows all the excellent qualities present in it.

Technical features:
  • Min. Length unipolar and multipolar cables up to 20mm, thanks to the patented protection system;
  • Vertical movement of the electronic gripper with adjustable time;
  • Section and stripping adjustments are shown on the display;
  • Mobile extractor for applicators without;
  • Guide slide to be able to use applicators without strip cutters.
  • Height adjustment of the module;
  • Scrap suction system;
  • Quick and easy replacement of blades;
  • Work area lighting.

WSC 25 Electronic stripper crimper for close terminal

  • Wirmec’s WSC 25 crimping stripper has been designed for crimping pre-insulated terminals and ferules,
  • blue red and yellow only by changing the WB14 applicator.
  • It can also be used for open terminals.
Technical features:
  • Patented electronic sectioning and stripping head movement, to achieve very high precision in crimping terminals and very small cable sections;
  • Patented pliers protection, for processing single and multi-core cables with lengths up to 20mm and vertical movement of the electronic pliers with adjustable time;
  • Touch screen panel, for the complete preparation of the cable processing and the memorization of many recipes with the utmost simplicity;
  • Integrated mobile extractor for applicators without;
    Guide slide for applicators without strip cutters;
  • Scrap suction system;
  • Retraction system of the blades before stripping;
    Double butting of the programmable cable;
  • Height adjustment of the module;
  • Possibility of adjusting the stripping speed.

W 3000 Bench Top crimping press 30kN


Bench seamer, with inverter control. The particular constructive form facilitates the operations of changing the applicator and loading the terminals.

Technical features:
  • Bottom dead center height (PMI) adjustable, standard 135.78mm;
  • Jog selector for slow running;
  • CFM crimping force control (Optional);
  • Double arm for end feed and side feed terminal coils (Optional)
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