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Seica S.p.A. is an innovative, high technology company that develops and manufactures leading-edge solutions for the test and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules. Combining deep expertise in electronics technology as well as in industrial machines and processes has enabled Seica to become a global leader and supplier of test and manufacturing solutions, with an installed base of more than 2500 systems.


FLYING ProbE tester

  • Inline Machine with 8 Flying Pin Probes
  • High Throughput
  • Power ON Testing
  • Eliminates fixtures costs and time
  • Fast test program development, easy integration of design changes
  • Process flexibility
  • Circuit access, even in the absence of test points
  • Controlled probe contact, programmable for any type of board
  • Different test solutions and approaches integrated in a single test system
  • Intrinsic positioning and measurement precision
  • Prototyping and NPI Support
  • Reverse Engineering Support
  • Factory 4.0 compliant


height Performance, Flexibility and Throughput
  • Analog, digital and power functional test
  • Boundary Scan type tests
  • Digital components programming (OBP of microcontrollers, memories, etc…)
  • High voltage test
  • Analog, Hybrid and Power channels capabilities
  • Functional test capabilities
  • Optional Software in-circuit capabilities
  • LabviewTM/TestStandTM managing software
  • Multiple programmable power supplies
  • Resistive loads modules option
  • High voltage/current capabilities
  • Factory 4.0 compliant


  • Double side 8 heads (4+4)
  • fully independent
  • Manual / automated
  • 9000 hits/min
  • Ultrafast capacitive test
  • Kelvin/Barrel
  • ICT (embedded components)
  • High/Medium volumes
  • Horizontal and Vertical platform
  • Manual / automated systems
  • Full independent axis
  • High Resolution Camera
  • 35um minimum pads (ultra fine pitch probes)
  • 70um minimum pitch (ultra fine pitch probes)
  • Ultra fine pitch probe


Firefly Next
  • Allows point by point adjustment of the power needed for soldering.
  • Enable the dynamic correction of the thermal profile.
  • The orthogonal position improves the energy transfer
  • The donut beam allows to radiate energy only on the pad and not on the hole
  • It prevents damages to components and harmonizing the temperature of pin and pad
  • Changing from “Lead” to “Lead-Free” soldering is simply a matter of changing a spool of solder wire.
  • The laser soldering process is clean
  • Low power consumption
  • Ready to solder with a switch ON, without preheating
  • Extremely flexible tool in a manufacturing environment.

seica automation

Seica automation is sister concern company of Seica S.p.A. They produce various automation solution for Press fit, label applicator and PCB handling application.

Press Fit

Press Fit
  • Label Printer and Placer.
  • Label Placement rotation 0°-180°
  • Transport direction left to right
  • SMEMA interface
  • Operating area 500×400 mm
  • Barcode reader (Correct Printing)
  • Camera inspection /correct printing, placing offset, quality check ISO 6 position)
  • Link to Traceability SOFTWARE

Label Applicator

  • The system can print and apply a label on a PCB or components.
  • Recipe can program positions and text for labels.
  • Cartesian robot will take the label and put on PCB.
  • Optional Barcode or Camera can be applied to Printer or placing Head.
  • Multiple allocation can be permitted.
  • Software interface for CAB / BRADY label printer (Codesoft™) included.
  • FIS not included (Factory Interface Software).
  • Touch Screen PC Front Side
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