F1<1% RH Dry Cabinet


F1 ultra low humidity dry cabinet is specially designed for moisture sensitive devices(MSD) of level 4,5,5A,or 6. The MSD concept is defined by IPC association who published regulation of JEDEC JSTD-033C. The F1 dry cabinet maintains internal humidity level 1%RH and is ideal for moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage applications, avoiding corrosion, mold and deterioration for stored component parts or material such as precision metal parts, miniature devices, pharmaceutical substance, biotic specimens, battery, crystal, IC package module, optical lens, IC package, MSD, MBB, PCB or scientific precision instruments…etc.


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Humidity Range<1%RH ±1%RH
Precision±2%RH;±1℃ (at <10%RH, 25℃ )
Recovery time (Open door 30 secs)Open door 30 seconds and close, 15 mins recovery time to <5%RH, 30 mins recovery time to <2%RH
External dimensions (mm)W1200*D672*H1820W600*D672*H1820
Internal dimensions (mm)W1198*D644*H1618W598*D644*H1618
Shelf dimensions (mm)W1155*D530*H20W555*D530*H20
No. of Shelf55
Power consumptionAve. 135Wh
Max. 425W
Ave. 83Wh
Max. 285W
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