A1B  1~50% RH Dry Cabinet


A1B is specially designed for moisture sensitive devices of level 4,5,5A,or 6. The A1B can eliminate oxidation of stored parts. So it is useful for storing parts such as precision metal parts, miniature devices, pharmaceutical substance, biotic specimens, battery, crystal, IC package module, optical lens or scientific precision instruments..etc.

Product Features

Product Line
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Humidity Adjustment Range1~50%RH
Precision±3.0%RH, ±1.0℃
External dimensions (mm)W1200*D672*H1820W600*D672*H1820W600*D672*H1274W600*D672*H636
Internal dimensions (mm)W1198*D644*H1618W598*D644*H1618W598*D644*H1072W598*D644*H526
Shelf dimensions (mm)W1155*D530*H20W555*D530*H20W555*D530*H20W555*D530*H20
No. of Shelf5532
Power consumptionAve. 48.6Wh
Max. 145W
Ave. 48.6Wh
Max. 145W
Ave. 48.6Wh
Max. 145W
Ave. 48.6Wh
Max. 145W

Standard features:

  • Flash and buzz alarm: Built-in humidity and temperature alarm; upper and lowers limits can be set.
  • Calibration reminding: Built-in calibration reminding; world’s first and only dry cabint that complies with ISO standard.
  • PPS heat resistant material: Used on all our dryers; 260°C heat tolerance to avoid any deforming or melting of dryer.
  • RS232 port: Built-in RS232 port to be used with our software for instant monitoring and graphing of condition inside the cabinet.
  • Humidity Manager software: Computerized humidity management that replaced human recording; be aware of the condition inside the cabinet at all time.
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