LX-100 Series HD/USB Digital


LX-100 is the best 1080p HD digital USB microscope that offers 60 frames per second real-time Full HD Video Inspection on LCD for PCB and Medical Device inspection.
Zoom 15x-100x standard, expandable to 1x-2,000x.
1080p HD real-time live image viewing with Ultra Sharp Retina Display
Measurement functions of XY, line, diameter, radius, area, angle directly on LCD display without a computer (New Features)
Measurement software included for measuring on computer


  • 1080p Full HD 60 frames per second Real-Time, no ghost image, no lagging
  • 15x – 100x Zoom Standard
  • Expandable to 1x – 2,000x with optional lenses
  •  Straight view, 3D Oblique Angle view, 90° Side view (BGA)
  •  Capture Images & Record Video to SD card without a computer
  •  Dimensional Measurements with mouse directly on LCD without connecting to computer
  • Measurement Software for computer USB2.0 mode (included)
  •  LED ring light for normal inspection
  • UV ring light (black light) for conformal coating inspection (optional)
  •  Coaxial light (bright filed imaging) for IC wafer and metallurgical viewing
  • Boom Stand for large PCB up to 48″, Track Stand with LED Back Light for small parts up to 10″, Compact & Light
    Weight Post Stand can be configured with LX-100
  • Low Cost and High Definition Digital Microscope System


  • Medical Device Inspection & Assembly
  • Stent Inspection
  • Soldering , Rework SMT Solder Joints Inspection
  • PCB Inspection
  • Industrial QC Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Microscopy Documentation
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