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Saki’s “QUALITY DRIVEN Production” eco-system starts with 3D-SPI, 2D and 3D-AOI, and 3D-AXI machines designed with unique gantry systems, technologies, and inspection algorithms to deliver highly accurate, high speed, and user friendly measurement systems. Machine to Machine (M2M) communication features support “Autonomous Production Line” and “Smart Factory” initiatives optimizing PCB quality and throughput in real time. Saki machines deliver world class inspection for semiconductor and PCB production.


BF1 Series
  • High-speed vibration-free line scan technology
    Optical system includes a telecentric lens capturing images with no blind spots
  • Coaxial overhead lighting eliminates shadowing, improves capability and reduces production start-up time
  • Line scan system detects FOD and extra components across the entire surface of the PCB
  • Unique Fujiyama algorithm verifies five critical aspects of through-hole solder joints
  • Conformal coating UV light inspection
  • Benchtop Inspection System Product Line
  • Inline Inspection System width is the same for both single-lane and dual-lane


3Di Series
  • Multiple inspection resolutions of 7μm, 12μm, and 18μm
  • Multiple machine sizes include medium, large, extra large and dual lane
  • Optional Side Cameras
  • Saki’s innovative Z-axis optical-head control feature is now available with 3Di Series inline AOI systems
  • Rigid gantry structure and exclusive dual motor drive system
  • High resolution linear scale provides high accuracy positioning
  • CoaXPress camera delivers faster inspection and measurement processes
  • Saki Self-Programming Software (SSP)
  • Inspection compliance with IPC 610 Standards
  • Extra Component Detection identifies foreign material
  • “Fujiyama” Through-hole Device Solder Inspection
  • Job Data Convert Function automatically converts Pick-and-Place machine data to inspection machine data. This function greatly reduces the time required to create inspection data.
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3Si Series
  • Shares the same rigid gantry structure with Saki’s 3Di-AOI
  • Rigid gantry structure and exclusive dual Y axis motor drive system
  • High resolution linear scale for accurate positioning
  • CoaXPress camera delivers higher speed and higher accuracy measurement
  • Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection of the entire PCB surface
  • Three sensors are available with 7μm, 12μm, and 18μm resolution
  • Three machine sizes available including dual lane to support varying applications
  • Warpage management System
  • Coplanarity inspection Function
  • SPC Function

3D-AXI (X-Ray)

3Xi Series/BF-X Series
  • Acquires high-quality CT images of planar objects using fewer projections
  • Identifies various defects in 3D images
  • High accuracy true 3D automatic inspection
  • Displays actual measurement and target point with 3D images
  • Displays defects in high-precision 3D color images
  • Inspection of standard PCBs, components and solder joints, and other electric components
  • Head in Pillow (HIP) Defect Inspection
  • Detection and measurement of voids in multilayer PCB power modules.
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